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Uruguay is a small country. And size is precisely its major advantage, as one is able to grasp the country’s ecosystem and easily develop a fully working Pilot. If you have ever tried to make money in a country with only 3.5 million people, you will understand that a small market forces you to be extremely creative, to produce more with less, to be very dynamic. You have no other choice but to be the best.. and, in the process, you become a sharp investor. It is a great school. In order to think BIG, first we think small…

A Focused way of doing business

We pride ourselves to be able to choose better. We will not play the game of betting on ten to lose on four, break even on three, win something on two and have great success on one. In the Emerging World, we challenge that theory. Furthermore, we won´t work with entrepreneurs who don’t feel comfortable with the deal they close with us.

Our market has no frontiers

The best ideas may come from anywhere. We have a strong position in the local market – and a very good regional pipeline – but today’s business is global and the world is our target. With a small local market, Globalization has always been our priority, and today it is one of our key areas of expertise.

“The world is flat”

But of course, we can’t do all of this on our own, and we shouldn´t. Talent can be found all over the world today. That is why we have strategic partners in other countries. We look to partnership with entrepreneurs from several countries to complement our own talents, establish the most of competitive advantages, import and export creativity, and above all consolidate operations.

As a hybrid of VC and Angel Group, we have been co-investing with leading VC Firms and also with our regional network.
This has helped us to acquire knowledge from the hard learned lessons from the past, and to accumulate an important experience.

We have different range of investment, depending on the project, the state of the company, and the co-investors.
We have CO-INVESTED with Angels, Institutional Funds and VC´s, in more than 19 COMPANIES from Latam, US and of course from Uruguay. So far, we had five exits and three write-offs.

We invest time to help our portfolio companies with their business development and operational needs. That gives us experience and understanding of our portfolio in order to predict and collaborate to solve strategic and operational problems.
woOw is the leading cross-vertical ecommerce in Uruguay. It began as a daily deal, and in the last two years it pivoted into ecommerce selling both products and services. Back in 2010 at Tokai we loved the daily deal disruptive model copycat idea, brought up by 3 young entrepreneurs and helped grow the company from zero. The company never stopped growing. It reached break even on the 4th month after launching. In 2014, all of the founders but the CEO, sold their share to InCapital.
Satellogic is a disruptive nanosatellite company that will democratize access to space-based services by dramatically reducing the barriers to obtain real-time satellite data, creating a new layer of world-wide awareness. It had already launched three satellites and plans to build a constellation of 100 that will be built in its new state of the art manufacturing facility in Uruguay. The company raised its Series A leaded by Tencent Holdings.
Workana is the leading marketplace for freelance and remote employment for Latin America. Its revenues comes mainly from Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Founded in 2012, the company, leaded by Tomas O´Farrel and his experienced team, has been growing ever since. It connects businesses with over 250.000 of the most talented local professionals. The platform has evolved continuously over the past few years, giving more and better tools. Today, a large majority uses Workana as their main source of income. The company raised its Series A leaded by Australian public company Seek.
Infocasas is the only Real Estate Digital Company that provides comprehensive services to both users and operators. It is based in Uruguay and also operates in Paraguay and Bolivia. Infocasas has closed its first seed round with investors from Argentina and Uruguay. Revenue in one year has grown by 160% and website traffic by 420% so far, with very limited online investment.
The co-startup seal

In some projects – usually those from local origin

– we “dive in”, taking a pro-active role from the beginning.

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